• Are you, your family, team, or your community considered underdog and you believed that you won’t matter, and that is where you will end up, underdog?
  • Have you been undermined, discriminated against, and belittled because of your color, race, ethnicity, gender, physical, mental, and/or socio-economic status and thus withdrawn from life and stopped giving your best?
  • Have you bought into the lie that somehow you’re ‘inferior’ or less than others because of your history and who you’re in the physical and outwardly, and as a result lowered your bar and settled for average?
  • Have you given up your dream of becoming the best in what you do because of so many setbacks and disappointments?

  • Are you a parent or a mentor of underdogs and you’re desperately seeking programs that enable you to transform your children or mentees from underdog to topdog?
  • Are you a teacher, coach, or influncer and trying your best to inspire, challenge, inform, and equip your underdog students and youth, and looking for additional support to quicken the transformation of your group?
  • Are you a community organization or foundation or donor agency who would like to impact underdog communities by providing empowering programs that bring lasting transformation in the lives of the people you sponsor?

If you said yes to one or more of the above questions, you have come to the right place. We strongly believe that:

  • Physical features (such as race, ethnicity, gender, and so on) many people use to label us underdog are flawed and we shouldn’t take them seriously.
  • We, humans, are spiritual beings living in a physical body.
  • Our true identity is spiritual and our potential is limitless. Regardless of who we’re in the physical and from where we have come from and our past or current status in life, we all are meant to tap into our unlimited potential and ultimately get fulfilled in life individually and collectively.

Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves facing uphill battles feeling underdog and helpless because of our:

  • Color,
  • Race,
  • Ethnicity,
  • Gender,
  • Physical, mental, and/or socio-economic status we have within our community and organization.

What is more? Many of us have bought into the lie that we’re somehow ‘inferior’ or less than others because of our history and who we’re in the physical and outwardly, neglecting that our true identity is spiritual and our potential is limitless.

Luckily, though their numbers are few, there are underdogs turned topdogs in almost every industry who:

  • Defiled the unfair and low expectations of others, and overcame their own underdog brain wiring and inner voice.
  • Believed that they are above and beyond the situations they were facing regardless of whatsoever unfair and disappointing their history and current circumstances were.
  • Convinced themselves that they have what it takes to be one of the great ones in the area of their passion.
  • Rewired their brain, reconfigured their mindset, developed certain competencies, went out to pursue their passion, and ultimately became one of the topdogs in the field of their choice.

You too can join these underdogs turned topdogs and we’re here to help you just do that. We believe in you. Where you’re right now shouldn’t be your destiny. We understand your limitless potential within. That is why we’re committed to:

  • Inspire underdogs to see and appreciate their limitless potential and what is possible.
  • Encourage underdogs and provide tools that enable them to outlast setbacks as their journey from underdog to topdog won’t be easy and free from roadblocks.
  • Challenge underdogs to grow continually to tap into their unlimited potential until they become world-class in what they do.

To achieve these, we’ve three services:

  1. Presentations,
  2. Coaching, and
  3. Programs to motivate, inform, stretch, equip, and empower underdogts until they become topdogs in the field of their choices.

Our programs enable underdogs to pursue their passion, live a fulfilling and rewarding life based on their uniqueness, and by giving their best.

We equip them to serve a greater number of people, which in turn allow them to have a meaningful impact while alive, unchain their greatness to the fullest, become one of the topdogs in their industry and ultimately die empty leaving an enduring legacy that outlives them.

By the way, we understand that the world is unfair, especially for underdogs. It may never become just during our lifetime. That is why rather than giving up or just complaining, we decided to transform underdogs to topdogs one person at a time.

We shouldn’t just give up. We should keep fighting to create a more fair system wherever we live and work. However, we should work on ourselves and grow to overcome the barriers we face, remain resilient, and ultimately have a significant impact that contributes toward creating a more just system. Those who transformed their lives from underdog to topdogs have more influence in their society and play positive roles toward changing flawed policies, institutions, and systems that treat underdogs unfairly.

While we support politicians, community leaders, and activists who are leading movements that gear toward creating an equitable and inclusive society, we shouldn’t neglect our personal growth. We cannot just be defensive. We own the previous generation underdogs who fought and beat the unjust system and left us legacies. We also need to multiply the positive effects of the contemporary underdogs who defiled the unfair system and became topdogs. We must join these few and complement what they do to create a more just world by becoming the best and influencers for good.

If you’re with us so far and would like to work with us, check our services.

Below, you can download Dr. AZ Habtewold’s (the lead speaker, coach, and facilitator) speaker one-sheet to learn more about his underdog to topdog journey, the distance he came from one of the poorest villages in Ethiopia to where he is today, and more. You will also find on the one-sheet his contact info to reach out and learn more on how he may inspire, equip, and empower your people…

To achieve the above mission, we provide the following products and services:

I. Books

II. Keynote & Motivational SpeechesOur motivational and keynote speeches are designed to inspire, inform and challenge your people to know their uniqueness, aim high, and tap into their individual and collective greatness. They are greatness material, and the seed of greatness is within them and waiting to be unchained. They are meant to become the best in what they do and get fulfilled in life before they die. To learn some of the readily available speeches, check the Motivational page. However, we can design and deliver customized presentations relevant to your group that also align with the theme of your events. Reach out via [email protected]

III. Individual & Group Coaching. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you are interested to have one-on-one or group coaching. Our coaching service will be based on your needs, and you will involve in designing the sessions. Our coaching service involves 12 intense sessions. Each session will be 1 hour long. Once you reach out to us, we will arrange a one-hour strategic session to understand your coaching needs. Depending on your preference, the sessions will be conducted via Zoom or over the phone. To learn more, check the Coaching page.

IV. Personal Development Programs. Our programs are focused on empowering underdogs from diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, and social statuses to experience transformation by tapping into their limitless potential within. Our personal development programs have three critical stages: Self-awareness, Self-management, and Self-Mastery. To learn more, check the Programs page.

Our programs contain:

  • Unique models,
  • Practical tools,
  • Workable strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to bring meaningful changes from the get-go.

Based on the latest adult learning principles, we engage our audiences by creating:

  • Large and small group discussions,
  • Pairings,
  • Role plays,
  • Assignments, and more.

We’re committed to serving underdogs individuals and teams that vowed to transform their status from underdog to topdog, those topdogs who would like to remain on top in what they do, and organizations that sponsor underdogs (minorities) such as:

· People of color,

· Immigrants, 

· Women, and 

· Disadvantaged suburban youth from diverse races and backgrounds who are left behind because of their educational background, social status, physical and mental conditions.

We are also committed to serve:

  • Businesses that aspire to lead their industry and those that would like to become and remain topdogs in what they do
  • Private and International Development Agencies that serves emerging economies and miniorities.
  • Community and non-profit organizations that serve minorities and underdogs.


If you are interested to empower your leaders with organizational and leadership development programs, check out this website.

To learn more about our services and programs and how we may serve you to transform your life, organization, and community from underdog to topdog, reach out to us via [email protected]

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