I. Benefits:

Working with a coach has multiple advantages including but not limited to:

  • To get the latest insights, models, tools, strategies, and tactics that you could use to transform your self, your team, organization, and/or community from underdog to topdog;
  • To receive wide ranges of management and leadership perspectives that expand your perspectives as a leader of your life, team, organization and/or community;
  • To assist you get some clarities on those tough challenges and issues you are facing as an underdog;
  • To help you solve problems and make tough decisions under pressure, with limited time and information to be the best in what you do;
  • To support you grow constantly to overcome the challenges you are facing and tap into the opportunities available by configuring your mindset, developing skills, and character; and
  • To make you accountable to your own goals.  

II. Programs:

Our underdog to topdog coaching programs are both informative and hands on. As much as you will be inspired, you’ll also be equipped with practical approaches, strategies, and tactics. Every program will prepare you to develop:

  • The right Mind Set,
  • The necessary Skill Set, and
  • Solid Character Set you need to excel in your leadership, succeed and be the best in what you do.

Each session will be tailored to meet your unique needs, adapt to your style, highly engaging and interactive plus hands on and practical.

We have 12-weks coaching programs for a few selected themes. We strongly believe that it’s hard for anyone to improve one’s attitude, competencies, and personality with a few hours coaching sessions. We packaged our one-on-one coaching programs by picking 12 relevant topics for each theme. Of course, each person will work with us to choose the final topics. Each session will be 60 minutes long, and will have the following four main sections (but we’re flexible to make some changes to accommodate the preference of each client):

  • Desired outcomes of the session, 5 minutes
  • Discussion based on 5 – 7 questions prepared by the coach, 40 minutes
  • Answering if there are any questions from the client, 10 minutes
  • Conclusion and assignments from the coach, 5 minutes

III. Steps:

  • A one-on-one phone call to assess your needs and determine compatibility
  • Determine the final 12 coaching sessions
  • Sign the contractual agreement
  • Schedule the sessions on both the coach’s and coachee’s calendar

IV. Coach: Dr. Assegid (AZ) is your coach and accountability partner as you aim high, set big goals, and develop your competencies and character that enable you to experience the underdog to topdog experience. He is committed to empowering you to fulfill your personal, professional, organizational, and community obligations; overcome the challenges you are facing today as an underdog; and also go ahead of the curve to tap into the opportunities tomorrow presents. For more, check his bio at the end of this document.

Reach to our team at if you are interested, and we’ll send you the available coaching programs, price, and other details.

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