• Are you interested to inspire your team or group to to believe that they are greatness material?
  • Do you want to challenge your people to see their unlimited potential?
  • Are you ready to stretch your group to aim high and committed to be topdogs in the areas of their passion?
  • Have you been or about to change the lives of your people and have been looking for a high-impact presentation that prepares your people to buy into and committed to the change?
  • In short, are you interested to inspire, inform, and equip your people at one of your future events to launch them into a rewarding journey that end them being one of the topdogs in their industry?

If one or more of the above are your needs, you’re in the right place. We offer:

  • Inspirational,
  • Informative,
  • Empowering,
  • Engaging, and
  • Dynamic 30 – 90 minutes keynotes and motivational speeches for your future events such as Retreats, Conferences, Luncheons, and so on.

We understand that tapping into our limitless individual and collective potential, becoming world-class in what we do, becoming topdogs in the area of our passion, and unchaining our greatness in our own unique ways is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation, encouragement, empowerment, and constant growth. We all need inspiration on a consistent basis to continue to:

  1. Aim high,
  2. Build our capacity and grow,
  3. Get prepared, aim, and fire,
  4. Stay on course,
  5. Endure,
  6. Outlast setbacks we may face on the road toward becoming one of the topdogs in our industry until we tap into our individual and corporate potential and ultimately unchain our greatness.

Our presentations are filled with:

  • Latest scientific discoveries,
  • Exemplary case studies,
  • Inspirational stories of topdogs and great ones from diverse cultures,
  • Practical models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to see some meaningful results immediately.

Here is how it works:

1. Identify from the lists of topics below that aligns with your event, and then

2. We will work with you to customize each presentation to:

  • Meet your needs,
  • Resonate with the audience,
  • Align with your culture and preference.

We don’t stop there. If you would like to have follow-up programs to keep the learning momentum going, we have other services such as coaching (individual or group), and programs (Stand-alone full day or half a day workshops/webinars or cohort programs that lasts for weeks, and even months).

Greatness in your own unique way and becoming one of the topdogs in what you do is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation, encouragement, and stretching. We all need it on a consistent basis to stay on course, outlast challenges we may face on the road toward our greatness.

Below are some readily available presentations. By the way, they aren’t the final products. We will work with you to customize each by working with you closely.

I. Attaining The Highest Level of Greatness

Whether they admit it or not everyone desires to be great in what they do. Attaining greatness is engraved within our DNA. However, not all greatness are equal. This presentation is based on the book ‘The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-oriented, Vision-centered, and Values-driven greatness’. The presentation inspires underdogs to aim for the highest level of greatness that transforms their life from underdog to topdog. The presentation offers them the opportunity to grade the different levels of greatness, choose the right one, and then equip themselves to discover their purpose, envision, and create their core values to attain the highest level of greatness.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Recognize that they are candidates to become great in their own unique ways during their lifetime
  • Understand the different levels of greatness
  • Get examples for each level
  • Appreciate the highest level of greatness, and begin that journey by discoverying their purpose, articulating their vision, and identifying their values

II. Stepping into your greatness to unleash your greatness

The great ones we all admire from diverse cultures and generations were just like us before they began their greatness journey. If you ask them, they had the same insecurity, fear, and doubt that each one of us. Regardless they stepped into their inherent God-given greatness by passing through four common stages. The program is designed based on the book ‘Unchain Your Greatness: Explore, Enact, Endure, and Emancipate your greatness to the fullest‘. The program empowers you to pass through those common four stages successfully, and wherever you may be on the continuum of greatness, you will go to the next level once you pass through this program.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the four stages the great ones from diverse cultures passed through
  • Recognize the actions they should take under each stage
  • Evaluate to see where they are on the spectrum of greatness, and go to the next stage

III. Rewire Your Brain, Redefine Your Destiny

Subtitle: How to transform your life from underdog to topdog by rewiring your brain

Many underdogs haven’t tapped into their full potential. They have settled for less than who they could become. Deep inside they know that they deserve more. As a result, they are disappointed and angry since they are unable to give their best and in turn live life on their own terms. This program inspires, informs, challenges, and empowers your people to tap into their full potential, and ultimately unchain their greatness. The program:

  • Explains the impacts of both micro-level and macro-level barriers that prevent the overwhelming majority of underdogs from succeeding in life.
  • Shows how one’s brain wiring determines whether an underdog will be interested (let alone to try) to succeed in life and become great in what he/she does.
  • Shares the fact that very few underdogs rewire their brain significantly while most keep with minimal changes the neural connections established while they were in the womb and in their early childhood years.
  • Illustrates the need to disrupt the presynaptic connections based on epigenetic inheritances from one’s underdog ancestors and rewire his/her brain to believe that they are greatness material, aim high, march forward with confidence to transform their lives from underdog to topodg and by extension their family, organization, and ultimately community.
  • Provides the latest insights, practical strategies, and tactics that will enable participants to defeat the worst archenemy (underdog brain wiring) of their greatness by targeting it at the thought, belief, attitude, and deed levels. 

The program is based on scientific evidence from the fields of:

  • Epigenetics,
  • Neuroplasticity, and
  • Positive psychology.

This program is also based on thorough research, personal observations, and countless conversations.

At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Realize that they have been already genetically and neurologically predisposed to accept their underdog fate 
  • Understand the importance of rewiring their brains as a precondition to experience true and lasting transformation and ultimately become great in what they do.
  • Learn how to redefine their destiny by rewiring their brains, signal their genes, and ultimately become one of the topdogs in the field of their choice
  • Know how to think, believe, speak, decide, and act as if they are already one of the topdogs in their respective industries.
  • Develop elevated self-esteem.
  • Begin to build confidence in themselves and their ability to attain greatness in their own unique way, serve their organizations and communities, and ultimately leave an enduring legacy.

IV. Positive Psychology, Great Results

Subtitle: How to develop a positive attitude and mindset to achieve topdog results

Many underdogs pay less attention to their psychology. They do everything possible to improve their skills and build their character with the hope to be great in what they do. Sadly, with the same mindset, the improvements of their competencies and personality make no significant difference.

This presentation inspires, inform, challenge, and equip your people to experience true transformation by transforming their mindset. The presentation:

  • Points out, more than any other single factor, mindset plays a lion’s share to become great and remain so for a long time.
  • Explains successful people intentionally develop empowering psychology.
  • Illustrates how positive psychology enables one to think big, believe in themselves, the potential they carry, and their ability to overcome challenges, and attain great results.
  • Shows how some underdogs transformed their lives from underdog to topdog, excelled in what they do, became influential in their respective communities, and led a fulfilling life by constructing positive psychology.

The presentation will empower your people to configure and reconfigure their psychology to transform themselves and become one of the topdogs in the industry they are in. 

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize the vital place mindset plays for one to become great in what one does.
  • Audit to see the kind of psychology they have and the beliefs they harbor that configured their current mentality.
  • Identify the major beliefs that make the winning psychology that deliver great results.
  • Understand the importance of these mandatory beliefs, how to develop each, and continue to refine to transform themselves and become one of the topdogs in the field of their choice.
  • Leave the program convinced that they have the ability to overcome all the odds that attempt to deter them from tapping into their potential, transform their lives, organizations, and community is dependent on their psychology, the way they think, what they believe, and the attitude they have in life.

V. Personality That Makes You Shine

Subtitle: Life-Transforming lessons from Underdogs Turned Topdogs to develop a topdog personality

Many underdogs aspire to become one of the topdogs in the fields of their choice. They go the extra mile to succeed and live a fulfilling life. However, very few build their personal brand intentionally. Even those who are proactive, don’t exactly know the kind of personality they should build nor how. to build it.

This program aims at inspiring, informing, challenging, and equiping your people to shine in life by intentionally constructing topdog personality. The presentation:

  • Shares the stories of some examplary underdogs turned topdogs from diverse cultures, generations, and industries.
  • Discourages putting these topdogs on a pedestal and thinking that they are superhumans. Anybody can become like them if he/she puts the same efforts these topdogs put to build their personality from ground up.
  • Reminds how thses few underdogs turned topdogs too had struggled, stumbled, and failed before they made it to the top. Before they succeeded, these former underdogs, had almost the same disadvantages, challenges, fears, and doubts as every other underdog today.

The presentation empowers your people to build their personalities to transform their lives from underdog to topdogs, and shine in life. 

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Appreciate what kind of personality it takes to be one of the topdogs in any industry.
  • Recognize some diverse representative personalities of underdogs turned topdogs and which personality traits empowered them to become great in what they do..
  • Get some takeaways from the life experiences of some examplary topdogs.
  • Apply the lessons they learned on their own lives to experience transformation from underdog to topdog in the area of their passion.

VI. From Self-awareness to Self-mastery

Subtitle: How to increase self-awareness, manage self, and ultimately attain personal mastery

Many spend lots of time, energy, and resources to explore and know so many things outside of themselves while failing to explore within to discover:

  • Who they truly are,
  • Their strengths,
  • Limitations, and
  • Blind spots.

Because of that, they don’t know:

  • What makes them unique and special.
  • Their competitive advantages.
  • Tap into their unlimited potential.

Those few who are self-aware struggle to manage what they know to attain personal mastery.

As a result, they are unable to:

  • Succeed in life,
  • Serve a greater number of people,
  • Leave a legacy, and
  • Die empty without regret.

This inspirational and informative speech inspires, challenges, and equips your people to increase their self-awareness, manage themselves, attain personal mastery, and ultimately unchain their greatness. It:

  • Highlights why one cannot tap into his/her unlimited potential and attain greatness without attaining personal mastery.
  • Reminds participants that regardless of whatsoever disadvantages they may have, it is possible to start a journey toward greatness by commencing the journey from self-awareness to self-mastery.
  • Explains how self-mastery starts with increasing self-awareness, managing self, and ultimately attaining self-mastery.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Understand the lifecycle of self-mastery.
  • Know what to do to successfully pass through all the stages.
  • Get some tools, approaches, and tips that empower them on their journey toward attaining greatness in their own unique way by working on their personal growth.


1. We can provide follow-up one-on-one or group coaching, a one-day workshop, or an intense program with multiple sessions to deepen the learning on the above three topics.

2. We have also other programs to facilitate the holistic growth of your people so that they may tap into their full individual and collective potential, and become great and world-class in what they do


  • Fees vary with the type of engagement
  • Travel and accommodations are extra
  • Traveling from Maryland

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